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Samantha Sills

Yoga Instructor

Strength and sports have been integral to my life from the earliest memories I hold. At the young age of two, I found myself on the ice, figure skating. My athletic journey didn't stop there; it spanned across basketball, volleyball, softball, and track. However, it was rowing during my time in Division I that paved my path to the weight room – where I experienced love at first power clean. This newfound passion led me to explore CrossFit and eventually, competitive weightlifting. Yoga has been a constant in my life, ensuring I stay healthy for the active lifestyle I strive to live.


My connection to yoga deepened after completing my yoga teaching training in India. I was introduced to the more spiritual and meditative side of yoga which has truly changed my life forever. I love sharing the benefits of yoga, always doing so with immense gratitude.


I can be my own worst enemy; self-doubt is there to tell me I’m not good enough or strong enough. The other side of my brain tells me to seek external validation to quiet this self-doubt. I’ve learned that growth doesn’t happen there but neither does failure. Some days I win and some days I reach a flow state in my training and the battle doesn’t feel as difficult, rather it’s an absence of thought replaced with action. On the harder days, when the need for validation becomes overwhelming, I remind myself to seek that state of flow, to channel my energies into the discipline and dedication that have brought me this far. It's a reminder that growth, both personal and professional, lies in the continuous grind, in the belief that resilience and dedication can transcend the barriers we set for ourselves.


In this journey, I've learned coaching goes beyond teaching techniques or achieving physical milestones. It's about guiding others to find their flow, to navigate their battles with self-doubt, and to embrace their journey with gratitude, strength, and a relentless pursuit of personal growth.

Samantha Sills
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