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At Motor City Barbell Club, our group coaching sessions are uniquely referred to as "Training Hall." This term encapsulates the collaborative and focused environment we foster, where members come together under the expert guidance of our coaching staff to work on their fitness goals. The Training Hall is more than just a space for physical training; it's a community hub where learning, growth, and mutual support flourish.

Our Training Hall hours offer an open floor coaching model with unparalleled flexibility including no official start or end times, allowing members to train at their own pace while benefiting from on-site coaches who circulate to provide personalized guidance. This approach ensures each member receives expert advice and support tailored to their unique goals, whenever they choose to train during Training Hall hours.


Expansive Coaching Schedule

Our expansive group coaching schedule at Motor City Barbell Club is designed to accommodate the diverse needs and busy lives of our members, offering a wide range of sessions throughout the day and week. This flexibility ensures that everyone, from early risers to those who train after work, can find a convenient time to join and benefit from our expert-led coaching sessions.



During our group coaching hours at Motor City Barbell Club, members become part of a vibrant and supportive community, united by shared goals and a passion for fitness. This camaraderie fosters a motivating atmosphere where individuals encourage each other's progress, celebrate achievements, and form lasting friendships rooted in health and wellness.


Customized Training Progams

At Motor City Barbell Club, we specialize in creating customized training programs tailored to meet the individual goals and fitness levels of our members. These personalized plans are carefully crafted by our experienced coaches to ensure that each member receives the most effective and efficient path to achieving their fitness aspirations, whether it's improving strength, technique, or overall conditioning.


Expert Coaching

Within our group coaching hours at Motor City Barbell Club, members benefit from the guidance of our expert coaching team, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in Olympic weightlifting and strength training. Their dedication to each member's success is evident through personalized feedback and adjustments, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to advanced athletes, achieves their full potential.

Interested in joining our dynamic Training Hall sessions?

Give us a shout below, and let's get started on unlocking your full potential with our group coaching at Motor City Barbell Club!

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