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Our small group coaching classes, accommodating 4-6 individuals and led by an experienced coach, offer a structured and intimate training environment with fixed start and end times for convenience. These sessions focus on strength, conditioning, and physique training through barbell exercises and accessory movements, ensuring personalized attention and tailored instruction. Participants benefit from the synergy of group dynamics while still receiving individualized feedback, making it an ideal setting for those looking to enhance their physical fitness and sculpt their physique efficiently and effectively.


Convenient Scheduling

Our small group coaching sessions boast convenient scheduling through a dedicated member app, allowing you to book and manage your training times with ease. This user-friendly tool ensures you can seamlessly integrate your fitness routine into your busy lifestyle, guaranteeing that you never miss an opportunity to train.


Get Fit Together

Our group coaching sessions focus on strength training, offering a powerful way to both enhance your physique and boost cardiovascular health in a supportive, communal environment. Engaging in these sessions helps build muscle, reduce body fat, and improve heart health, all while you enjoy the motivation and camaraderie of training alongside others. This clear, dual benefit ensures a well-rounded fitness experience that is both effective and socially enriching.


Expert Coaching

Our small group sessions are led by expert coaches who bring a wealth of knowledge and personalized attention to each workout, ensuring every participant receives guidance tailored to their fitness level and goals. This approach combines the benefits of individual coaching expertise with the dynamic energy of a group setting, fostering an environment where progress and personal achievement go hand in hand.


Cost Effective Fitness

Experience the personalized attention of personal training within a small group setting, all at a significantly reduced cost. This unique format allows you to enjoy the benefits of individualized coaching and tailored workout plans, while sharing the expense with a few others, making it an economically smart choice for your fitness journey.

Interested in joining our exclusive Small Group Training sessions?

Give us a shout to join our small group training sessions today and take the first step towards transforming your fitness journey with expert guidance and a supportive community by your side!

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