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Calvin La

Weightlifting Coach

My strength training journey began in the final year of high school, initially with a focus on bodybuilding. It was during this time that I dedicated myself to mastering the fundamentals of the bench press, squat, and deadlift. I worked consistently to create a solid foundation that helped improve my strength and technique. This eventually introduced me to the world of Olympic Weightlifting.


After high school, I enlisted in the Army National Guard, serving as a combat engineer. After six years of awesome experiences (ask me about the times I got to blow stuff up) I was honorably discharged in 2023. College was another pivotal point in fostering my passion for weightlifting. I had the privilege of training under seasoned coaches and alongside highly skilled athletes. Being in these environments honed my discipline and skills which allowed me to become the athlete I am today.

My philosophy as an Olympic Weightlifting coach is a reflection of my personal principles toward improvement. I strive for consistent perfection. I believe there is an endless road to improvement. Through that journey, perfect practice, and consistent training any athlete can unlock their highest potential.


With athletes, I enjoy focusing on the technical aspects of weightlifting. I strive to create an environment that encourages athletes to push their boundaries, ensuring that each session contributes to their overall development. By sharing my knowledge and experiences, I aim to inspire my athletes to pursue their own paths of continuous improvement, both on and off the platform.

Calvin La
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