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Ashely Tebedo

Weightlifting Coach / Community Engagement Coordinator

My weightlifting journey began about 5 years ago, thanks to a nudge from my husband, Justin. I never imagined myself as an athlete (I was a marching band gal), but weightlifting transformed me. It boosted my confidence and strengthened me both mentally and physically. MCB has brought me the best support system and some of the most incredible friendships.


In 2023, I took a significant step in my weightlifting career by earning my USAW Level 1 Coaching Certification. This achievement marked the beginning of a new chapter where I've been honing my skills as a coach. I've grown to love coaching athletes in a competition setting. Being there to cheer them on, provide last-minute cues, and support them through a big day is incredibly fulfilling. I like to bring a fun and uplifting energy to meet today - it's all about good vibes and of course, meet-day snacks!


My journey to weightlifting, encouraged by my amazing coach and husband, Justin, was somewhat accidental, but it's been a life-changing adventure. I'm here to share this passion, to guide and support our MCB athletes, to celebrate every lift, every personal best, and every moment of joy alongside them. Let's lift each other up and keep changing lives, one barbell at a time.

Ashely Tebedo
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