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Justin Tebedo

Owner / Director of Weightlifting Performance

Growing up in a small farm town, my youth was filled with sports, teaching me early on the value of dedication and effort. This understanding deepened in 7th grade with organized youth football and the initiation into strength training for sports performance. I was fascinated by the physical preparation it demanded, a fascination that only grew as I entered our high school's strength and conditioning program. Under the guidance of our head coach, I mastered the basics of squat, bench, deadlift, and Olympic lifting variations. His passion and example sparked in me a desire to delve deeper into the strength game as I matured.

My journey took a significant turn immediately after high school when I enlisted and went off to boot camp in sunny San Diego, earning the title of United States Marine and my aircrew wings. My duties took me around the world, where maintaining a consistent exercise routine became a challenge. Yet, it was during this time I learned the essence of making priorities work despite imperfect conditions, utilizing whatever was at hand to keep fit, be it resistance bands or aircraft chains. This period reinforced my belief: that consistency and commitment are key to achieving your fitness goals, a lesson learned from my high school coach, military mentors, and my personal drive. My mission now is to pay this forward through strength and fitness.

Coaching for me transcends the routine of sets and reps. It’s about building a relationship of trust and support with each athlete, ensuring they understand the importance of self-motivation, especially in disciplines like Olympic weightlifting. As the coach and owner of the club, witnessing the personal and physical growth of our members is profoundly rewarding. I aim to pass on the passion that was instilled in me by influential figures in my life, guiding our members regardless of age or skill level on their unique strength journeys.

Justin Tebedo
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